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I created The Wagering Resource to draw upon my 25 years of experience following gaming industry trends and developments. I feel fortunate to have made many friends in the gaming industry over the years, friends and colleagues I look forward to working with in this new venture.

The Foundation: Early in my life, I discovered I was blessed with the best characteristics of both my father and mother. My father was a nuclear physicist, and fortunately a little of his brilliance and analytical expertise found its way to me. I have always had a fondness for numbers and took high-level math courses in college for fun, and it’s easy for me to evaluate data from numerous sources. In contrast, I inherited some of my artistic ability from my mother, whose lifelong interest in writing and photography was passed on to me. Initially I wanted to be an artist, painting horses and other animals (what young girl doesn’t love horses?), but migrated to photography to satisfy my artistic urges. After college, writing seemed a natural progression to allow yet another creative outlet. So somehow, I managed to get a healthy dose of left-brain analytical power together with right-brain visual strength. Isn’t family heritage great?

Education: I always wanted a career connected to horse racing in some way because of my lifelong passion for horses. So after obtaining a bachelor of science in economics from the University of California at Riverside, I went to graduate school at the University of Arizona, where I participated in the Race Track Industry Program. At the time, there was no specific RTI program for graduate students, but I was able to take some of its courses for credit and also served as a graduate assistant for then-coordinator Gary Amundson. In the end, I received my MBA with an official concentration in marketing, but with an unofficial RTIP emphasis.

Consulting: I started out my career in the gaming industry with two consulting firms, utilizing my economics and business degrees to help prepare pari-mutuel racing economic impact and feasibility studies back in the days when horse racing could almost stand on its own in new markets. They were exciting times for a horse racing fan like myself, and it was hard to imagine the dark clouds ahead.

Journalist/Editor: A few years later, I found myself in a transition to journalism, beginning a writing career with International Gaming & Wagering Business magazine. I kept my hand on the statistical side, preparing comprehensive gaming revenue reports for the United States, Canada and Australia, tracking all forms of gaming. I also spent several years focused on the lottery industry, editing a quarterly IGWB supplement called Lottery Business. I established a reputation for accuracy and fairness in all my journalistic endeavors. Some of the reports I prepared for the magazines, either annually or periodic, include:

  • North American Gaming Report
  • North American Gaming Machine Report
  • North American Lottery Sales Report
  • North American Gaming at a Glance
  • U.S. Lottery Revenue Report / Efficiency Study
  • International Lottery Sales Report
  • International Gaming at a Glance
  • Australia and New Zealand Gambling Report

Events Management/Marketing: I continued with the company that published IGWB and Casino Journal in another role beginning in 2006, although I continued to write for the magazines and prepare statistical reports as needed, including lottery sales and major reports on gaming machines in North America. But most of my time was spent with the gaming events division, playing key roles in marketing and producing several major industry conferences and trade shows, including Southern Gaming Summit, Gaming Technology Summit, Casino Marketing Conference, New York Gaming Summit, Florida Gaming Summit and New England Gaming Summit.

New Directions: I took this extensive background with me to The Wagering Resource, which I founded in 2011. The site is useful to those already involved in gaming and to those who are interested in learning more about this unique and challenging industry. I am also available for freelance writing and research projects.

More recently, for the past few years I have been the editor of Insights magazine, the official publication of the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries. It has been a wonderful experience covering the lottery industry in detail, going back to my beginning years as a journalist. You couldn’t ask for a better group of people than those in the lottery industry, as they oversee billion-dollar consumer-driven businesses that raise funds for much-needed government services and programs.

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