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Major events in Vermont gaming history


Green Mountain, in Pownal, opens for Thoroughbred and harness racing in May


Green Mountain discontinues Thoroughbred racing and adds Greyhound racing
Voters approve a constitutional amendment authorizing a state lottery


Green Mountain ends harness racing and continues with only Greyhound racing


The Lottery begins ticket sales in February


Pick 3 is the Lottery’s first computerized (online) game, with sales beginning in November


In April, the Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont Lotteries form the Tri-State Lotto Compact, the first multi-state lottery group in the U.S.
Tri-State Megabucks is launched in September
The Lottery adds Pick 4


Last year of Greyhound racing at Green Mountain


Greyhound racing is banned


Last year of wagering on horse racing as the state fair holds its last pari-mutuel harness races


Powerball goes on sale in July


The Lottery adds the multi-state game Hot Lotto in July


Mega Millions is added in January


In March, the Lottery replaces Weekly Grand with Lucky For Life, a New England regional game


In May, the Lottery launches Gimme 5, a Tri-State game with Maine and New Hampshire


The Vermont Lottery began ticket sales with a weekly draw game on February 14, 1978. The current game offerings include instant tickets, Powerball, Mega Millions, Tri-State Megabucks Plus, Hot Lotto Sizzler, Lucky For Life, Gimme 5, Pick 3, Pick 4 and Fast Play (instant games played through the lottery terminals). Touch Play games (instant games played through a player-activated terminal) are offered in a limited number of locations.

Since July 1998, all Lottery proceeds are allocated to the state’s education fund.

Vermont Lottery
1311 US Route 302, Suite 100
Barre, VT 05641
Phone (802) 479-5686


Pari-mutuel facilities

Vermont was once home to one commercial racetrack which held horse and Greyhound races, and there was harness racing at fairs, but no pari-mutuel activity has occurred since 1997. Some fairs still offer non-betting harness races. Greyhound racing is now banned, but horse racing is still legal and there is a Vermont Racing Commission.


Charitable gaming

Bona fide nonprofit organizations engaged in charitable, educational, religious or civic activities may operate games of chance, including raffles, bingo, card games and pulltab tickets. The nonprofits do not need to be licensed to offer these games; however, pulltab manufacturers and distributors are required to pay a licensing fee.


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