I am happy to report that at long last, the United States gaming pages of this site are finally completed with the addition of Wyoming. Well, the initial research is done – keeping them current is of course an ongoing project.

It has been an interesting research project. The world as we know it exists on the World Wide Web – for many, if it can’t be found there, it doesn’t exist. Of course that’s not true – there are printed histories out there, after all, and documents that can be found if one has the time and the means to travel and explore in person.

That’s not always possible, so I have come to appreciate two types of websites and loathe others. The good ones are the regulatory bodies which actually provide some background on the activity they regulate. I applaud the Washington State Gambling Commission and the Washington Horse Racing Commission for their incredibly detailed histories of gaming (both commercial and tribal) and horse racing in the state. Others come close (and of course Washington is top of mind, since I just completed that state), but many provide absolutely no history at all of their regulated activity. Several state lotteries also provide great timelines of business activities on their websites.

Similarly, I appreciate those gaming operators which actually include a history (however brief) of their facilities. All too often there’s nothing, nada, zilch, about a property besides what great slot machines are available. Ok, maybe I’m asking too much. Maybe no one really cares what the history is, and the only relevant things are how the facility can entertain me today.

But as someone who has followed industry trends for some 25 years, that history is important, and it seems sad that so much of it has been allowed to yellow on the printed page without ever making it into the digital realm. I’ve tried to resurrect as much of it as I can, but there will always be gaps. I will continue to explore areas I know are lacking, and if anyone finds certain details missing that they know exist, I’d appreciate a heads up.

At the beginning of this project, I contacted an old friend for some help with Arizona, and along the way he recalled some Greyhound history in a few other jurisdictions. So as promised, I’d like to thank Barry Baldwin for his cheerful and colorful anecdotes about the great old days of Greyhound racing.

What’s next? Canada’s pages are waiting – it will be interesting to find out what histories are available there. And at some point I’d like to add basic statistics – I’ve thrown in a few data points in Massachusetts as an example. And perhaps more detailed statistics. But just what I do along those lines remains to be seen. I’d appreciate hearing feedback on what would be useful. And as this site picks up traffic (it is already prominent in search engines), I’m always interested in finding sponsors and supporters to help me continue my work.