Welcome to the relaunch of The Wagering Resource.

I developed this site five years ago, building on my extensive experience analyzing and reporting on the gaming industry. It was my goal to offer not only a definite history of all forms of gambling, but also an always-current snapshot of gambling options available in every American jurisdiction. Here would be a single source for all the major segments of the industry – casinos, lotteries, pari-mutuel wagering and even charitable gaming. I added a blog with industry observations, and ultimately the plan was to include Canada as well.

I did in fact succeed in creating the histories of gambling in each U.S. state, histories of every industry segment that to my knowledge are not available in any other single place. I drew upon personal knowledge and industry contacts, my fairly comprehensive archive of old annual reports and whatever additional resources I could find online.

As to the rest of the goals, well, sometimes life interferes. After a few years, new blog entries became fewer and far between, and the “always-current” snapshot of gambling options in each jurisdiction fell behind as I had other priorities. And sometime last year this site was hacked, with someone else’s content added as blog entries without my knowledge, since I had admittedly stopped paying close attention.

So it was time for a change. This site has been redesigned to better serve new goals, alien content has been discarded, and pages are being updated for the first time in almost 18 months. There will no longer be a regular blog, although I may from time to time offer observations on what is happening in the industry. But I will endeavor to keep the snapshot of gambling options in each state current and accurate, and update the histories as needed. That is, right now, a work in progress which should be completed shortly. And at some point I hope to continue my work on the Canadian jurisdictions.

In the end, these pages will once again offer what I believe to be the only definitive all-segment source of gambling industry history and snapshots – The Wagering Resource.